‘’Countless hours of study and practice lie behind his achievement and, for all I know, the impression of spontaneity may be a product of the intellect, of considered preparation. On the other hand, there is, as it appears, something of the instinctive in the way Galin illuminates great music, an intuitive affinity with its genius.’’ (Martin Knox)

Galin Ganchev is a remarkable pianist, who combines a fiery technique with the ability to create the most poetic and heartfelt moments in his playing. After a performance of J. Brahms' 2nd Piano Concerto (John Moore)

‘’The thing about Galin that makes him so rewarding to listen to is that no allowances need to be made, no disbelief suspended’’ Richard Hudson

‘’ In Galin Ganchev, we have an inspiring narrator, whose  intuitive sense of where he is and where he is going at any moment leads to climaxes which are beautifully anticipated and gloriously brought off. Paradoxically, the greater the difficulty, the more he appears to be at ease, his hands floating across the keys with seemingly effortless precision. His reserves of power are phenomenal, too, and just when one thinks that he has reached full volume, he finds another level and floods the hall with sound. ’’

‘’This young artist clearly loves his music and it is his and our good fortune that he is blessed with the means of bringing it to life in the way he does. He plays for us, not at us.’’

‘’Galin's sure touch was equally evident in moments of bravura playing and in the passages of sensitive lyrical beauty’’

‘’ Great has been the sense of wonder in audiences large and small at his scintillating technique; his profound musicianship has brought tears to many an eye.’’

‘’From first to last, this was an awesome demonstration of the  power of music, for it is Galin’s way to shift the emphasis to what he is playing, and not that he is playing it.’’ After a performance of E. Grieg's piano concerto in a minor (7th July, 2011)

‘’The pieces in question are definitely among the most difficult ones I've ever written, particularly on the level of phrasing (requiring a remarkable sense of harmony in order to properly detect the cycles of systole-diastole it consists of), tone perspectives (your singing "orchestration" of 'Déjà vu' was fabulous), and sense of discursive flow (which you managed to express in a most convincing way also in the more cryptic 'Oblivion', whose narrative arch you made captivatingly clear for the warmly receptive audience).’’ After a performance of pieces from M. Di Gesu's ''Trillogia dell'Assenza'' (Massimo Di Gesu)

‘’He may take the stage with the solemn demeanour of an undertaker, but at the keyboard he is a free spirit, dancing, soaring, penetrating to the heart of the music.’’ After a recital on 1st May, 2015.

‘’Galin Ganchev is a superb musician’’ (Andrew Petch)